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Om Malik of gigaom fame writes that big ideas

” redefine our notions about certain technologies, but they also change our behavior and cause massive disruption.”

Bob Warfield of smoothspan blog reinforces the same with some witty quotes –

It’s tough to be a big company. As Rodney Dangerfield used to say, “They don’t get no respect.”

and beats the perpetual target Microsoft when it comes to innovation. –

I’ve heard it all before.  The best example, back when people used to talk much about it, was Microsoft.  “What is Microsoft going to innovate?” became, “When is Microsoft going to innovate?” which ultimately became, “Microsoft doesn’t innovate.”

This thought gels very closely with the idea of disruptive technology, roughly an innovation that is unexpected, not thought of. Best signified by Henry Ford’s view on “Ford Model T” –

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
This also underlines the fact that it becomes difficult for big corporations to think out of box because in the process of becoming big they very often create a (big) box around them and for every change they have to think about thousand more things – how will such and such thing will be affected.

Bob Warfield puts incredible innovations of Xerox and Bell Labs to the fact that they were lucky to have a bunch of innovators all in one place for a time, but there should be something more about culture, which encouraged and nurtured it over a period of time. Not worrying about result should be one of them, the moment you start thinking ‘how it will be useful to X( shareholders) probably you have lost it’ . In the long run it may turn out to be useful or profitable but to create it that should not be the driving point. It must be driven by a passion an extreme passion to contribute  to change the world in a telling way, not caring much about what others think or say of it.

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