To scale or not to scale

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While talking about horizontal partitioning of databases, DHH of ROR fame suggests that scaling stuff can wait, definitely wait until the point your business  needs require it. His article definitely makes sense for small setups say startups. Not to say that in startups you should write demo programs but given that there are only 24 hours in a day you should focus on serving say 1000 users in more fulfilling way than losing your sleep over worrying about how will my application handle load of 13.142 million users.  If you get those many users you will know how to scale. For startups scalability is a good problem to solve but a far better problem to have, I mean any startup would love to run into this problem !

In another related article Jeremy Zawodny writes you should not depend upon Mr. Moore if you have scalability problems.

Since these articles refer to  Moore’s law I can’t help but write that Moore’s law must be one of the most generalized law in Computer Science. From his original prediction about transistor density , this law is now cited anywhere you come across exponential growth.


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  2. checkout this article about livejournal scaling

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