It´s all about luck – and optimising the 650k hours in life

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If you use bicycle for day to day travel and have enough money probably you will buy a car.  Not everybody though, for example environment conscious people may stick to bicycle or if you are Morten Lund you may contemplate buying a private jet . Unfortunately not right now at least, because this Danish Ron Conway went bankrupt on Jan 13th, 2009.

But his courage in the face of adversity is nothing short of baffling :

As reported on UK techcrunch this is what he said to a Danish finance newspaper : “It’s like superman getting his suit stolen – I’m shaken and don’t really wanna talk about it. I will come back again with full power, i just need to wash my suit.”

If you read related article on his personal blog titled The End or The Beginning and watch the following video from Le Web conference, you will believe every word of it and more.

Each line of the blog post is worth reading more than once, but I’ll pick up this one “Have a great day – and don’t worry about me – it’s 99% about materialistic problems (rich people thinking about what pink hearths in diamonds they want to buy for their stinking ugly dog). There are real problems out there – Go solve them.”

His blog website has the title It´s all about luck but some guys seem to have uncanny knack of creating the luck, and certainly he looks like one such. Best of luck Morten, I’ll and many others will  wait for next big thing from you.

Title of this post was taken from  his blog on wordpress


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